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Yes, I was the kid reading under her desk

I love to read, it's a passion. I'm a terrible writer(I can edit like woah!) but I want to read others reviews and believe I have something to add :)
Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James Oh man. Ohhhhhhhh man.

So first: I read the original version. I made sure it was pretty much the same thing(it is) and then I started masters of the universe.

It was painful. The writing was choppy and terrible :/ WHY DID YOU SET THIS IN THE US IF YOU WERE GOING TO USE BRITISHISMS ALL THE TIME? I checked that was in the published one- it is.

This series depicts BDSM as something sick that needs to be "fixed" and only happens to- and I apologize for caps here, but this really offends me- PEOPLE WHO WERE RAPED AS TEENAGERS AND HAVE TO BECOME DOMS BECAUSE OF IT.

Yes- Edward, sorry, CHRISTIAN was raped. There's no moment where this wasn't rape. This wasn't a HS relationship, this wasn't a man who could make the healthy smart decision. This was a BOY and a WOMAN who raped him. Those teacher/student relationships you hear about with the hot teachers? STILL RAPE AND BAD. Guh.

I don't feel like writing much more, mainly, the contract was stupid, their relationship was effed up and NOT in the good way and this book and series is terrible.

Yes, I'm totally judging you for it.