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Yes, I was the kid reading under her desk

I love to read, it's a passion. I'm a terrible writer(I can edit like woah!) but I want to read others reviews and believe I have something to add :)
Devil's Bride - Stephanie Laurens This book was frustrating and horrid. I hated the heroine. She acted like an idiot but we were all supposed to respect her intelligence and she would show the ton how smart women were!

If she was the one leading the way, we would have been set back at least 20 years. She was one of the most frustrating characters. She was supposed to be smart and headstrong. Why do writers think having their female characters go against the LOGICAL wishes of their husbands is so proving of intelligence and "worthiness"? It infuriates me.

I know it can't be truly feminism forward, but stop giving me this bullshit where to woman almost dies or causes someone else to die with her awesome "forward-thinking"(read- STUPIDITY AND BAD EXAMPLE OF FEMINISM HOLY SHIT.) . I can't handle it.

Also, devil was stupid too and the sex was too dragged out and NOT hot like I had expected. I shouldn't be skipping over it to get to the poorly thought out mystery and pathetic thing pretending to be a plot.

It might be time for no more romance novels for awhile.