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Yes, I was the kid reading under her desk

I love to read, it's a passion. I'm a terrible writer(I can edit like woah!) but I want to read others reviews and believe I have something to add :)
Fifty Shades Of Abuse - #OneVoice, Eve Thomas You know- its kind of a bummer that the person who decided to take this on obviously wasn't up to the task- because I'll be honest, the idea of linking 50 shades and domestic abuse together is a sound one, as 50 shades very obviously involves domestic abuse and we SHOULD stop romanticizing stalkers, verbal abusers, and controlling jerks. Both women and men live in the realities of these situations, and it's a scary place to be.

Unfortunately, this author obviously could not handle this topic, and also couldn't handle criticism, which is part of writing a book.

Too bad this wasn't done well- I probably would have bought something like that and made all my friend's children read it, along with many of my friends.